The Greenest Innovation To Date In Washer Fluid!!!

LiquidXpress introduces a very unique line of products to the Canadian market that will revolutionize the fluid industry forever.

Fluid on Tap is a full product line of new innovative solutions specifically designed to save you money and eliminate waste. Our equipment will allow you to blend your own windshield washer fluid with industry leading consistency by blending different amounts of water, methanol and our specially formulated concentrate.


What Makes Our System So Unique And Cost-Effective?

For the first time you will be in complete control of your product which means:
  • You can now manufacture your own product when you need it and the way you want it
  • You have the power to cut costs seasonally by adjusting the products freeze point levels
  • Choose to create precision mixtures ranging from 0°C to -40°C and lower
  • No more having to handle and dispose of unnecessary waste


Stop overpaying for windshield washer fluid! Contact a LiquidXpress Rep. today and dramatically reduce the cost of providing windshield washer fluid to your customers.